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When you need to see an orthodontist in Pembroke or Sudbury, book your appointment with Dr. Benoit Hebert. Our offices are bilingual so we can serve as many families as possible. We provide braces and teeth alignment systems for all ages. We offer clear aligners as well, so you don’t need to feel self-conscious about your smile. Our office does extended days to help be more flexible for families, and we offer free parking onsite. Furthermore, we offer treatment at our satellite offices in Sturgeon Falls and New Liskeard, bringing our orthodontic services to you.

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Invisalign® is the most advanced clear aligner in the world. It can reduce treatment times by up to 50% and is clinically proven to achieve more predictable tooth movement. Our office is proud to supply Invisalign® to Sudbury and Pembroke as well as our satellite offices, providing you with a comfortable fit and a great smile.

Sudbury’s Source for SPEED Brackets

We are the only office in Northern Ontario that uses SPEED Brackets. These popular braces use a revolutionary technology to help straighten teeth, removing the need for elastic bands. Using space-age material, they apply gentle corrective forces to your teeth, storing and releasing energy, following programmed instructions. SPEED Brackets are smaller than traditional braces, causing less food trapping and therefore easier-to-maintain hygiene.

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